Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Brac, Hvar & Vis Islands. Wear Your Sandals, These Beaches Are Rocky!

The beaches of Croatia weren’t what I expected when I arrived for my 10 day holiday. I dreamt of endless miles of white sand where gorgeous couples walked along, kids built sand castles on and where I could bury my feet in. However, when I arrived my first morning with my beach towel all ready to go, my dream was shattered. The pillowy sand I was keen to step on was replaced with pebbles, miles of it.

You see, Croatia has no sandy beaches (well I heard a few are scattered somewhere), which made it disappointing when all I wanted to do was run in and out of the water like I was in some beach movie. Instead of running, I walked delicately in my sandals towards the sea and awkwardly balanced as I took them off. 

Although the rocky shores of Croatia would not be in my top five best beach awards, I did enjoy taking dips in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, swimming in caves and eating the incredible seafood dishes. I spent time on three of the Dalmatian islands off the coast of Split – Brač, Hvar, and Vis. They are easily accessible by ferry and the accommodation ranges from family-run homes to elegant hotels.



Although Brač is the largest island in Dalmatia, it is relatively low-key and less touristy. There are plenty of activities from exploring vineyards and olive groves to checking out a Stonemasonry School (Brač is famous for its white limestone). Want to try your hand at windsurfing? Head to Zlatni Rat Beach and take a lesson or just watch the professionals glide over the sea. Spend 2-3 days exploring then head over to Hvar and get your party on!



Wear your best summer attire and be ready to get ‘paparazzied.’ Lavish yachts line the glamorous harbor where the elite, famous and fame whores come to be seen. During the day, water taxis ferried me to the surrounding small islands where I sunbathed and ate fresh seafood salads. At night, the party continued on the islands until dawn. When I wasn’t on the rocky beaches, I explored the town and watched the sunset from the fortress overlooking the harbor.



I boarded a busy boat tour from Hvar and headed for a swim to the famous caves – Blue Cave at Bisevo, Stiniva Cave and Ravnik Island. Jumping off the boat into the clear, bright waters was spectacular. Even cooler was when we boarded a small dingy and went deep inside the caves – the electric blue sea against the dark rocks was eery and mysterious. After we continued onto Vis, the furthest of the Dalmatian Islands. Here we walked aimlessly through the quiet town and chilled on the beach for an hour. Coming back to Hvar as the sun was setting was stunning.

What was your favorite beach or Island in Croatia? Would you recommend Croatia to your friends?