Dining Etiquette In Copenhagen

People In Denmark Use Their Utensils To Eat ……? Read Below To Find Out!

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is a Seinfeld episode? You could you be at a Chinese Restaurant, in a parade, waiting at the airport, dining with your parents or simply walking down the street and everywhere you turn, look or what you feel has happened in a Seinfeld episode? Since the show is supposed to be about ‘nothing,’ could it actually be about everything? Well, after being in Copenhagen for a week, I had no less than three Seinfeld moments. One of which happened in my first hour after arriving!




When I arrived in Copenhagen my lovely friend Amalie took me out to this casual restaurant around the corner from where she lives. It was the kind of place you see in European movies. It was located at the top of a triangular street with people smoking and drinking on tiny seats at even tinier roundtables. The outside was painted turquoise and the inside was dark, with wooden benches, tables, and candles giving it a mysterious, laid-back vibe.

It was your usual casual fair but only double the price (it’s standard to pay $25 for a simple burger or $6 for a latte) Therefore I ordered the most reasonable thing on the menu, the burger. Can you believe that a simple pasta dish was $30, yikes! Our burgers arrived, along with the nine burgers for the bachelor party next to us. I proceeded to glare at the men. Not because they were dressed so handsomely and had lovely accents, but because they ate their burgers with a knife and fork! Okay, I have seen this before. BUT, when they proceeded to cut their fries and only eat them using a fork that’s when I lost it.

I was so bewildered that I asked my friend if this was common in Copenhagen, which she replied, “Yes. Is that not how you eat it?” Hell no, I thought. So there I was showing a grown woman how to eat a burger with her hands. You must all be thinking, “Really Marina? You got worked up over this?” Hell yes! I like to get down and dirty with my food. I thought this would be a one-time occurrence. However, the next day and for the rest of the week no matter where I went in Copenhagen I saw men, women, and children eating their baguette sandwich, pain au chocolat and even nachos (I mean come on, that’s pushing it) with a knife and fork! This reminded me of George in Seinfeld eating his chocolate bar using utensils.

He thought he was being sophisticated even though he looked quite pretentious. But when his colleagues, friends and random people at the diner started eating this way, he created a trend that swept through New York.  As I wrote before, Seinfeld is a show about nothing, kind of like this article. All I can say is if you see me eating guacamole and chips with a chopstick, join in! Would be fun to start a new trend.

(Why all the exclamation points!!! Watch Seinfeld and you will see why. “I do not use them haphazardly!”)

(I realize that the photos do not represent at all what this post is about. I regret not taking photos of the knife cutting nachos, but at least you get to see some snaps from Copenhagen.)