Why You Must Go To Vilnius, Lithuania

Tantalizing Excitement. Intoxicating Pleasure. The G-Spot of Europe.



Regular readers of this blog (hello Mom!) know that I have spent years searching for the spot (sorry Dad!). Sweating, suffering, scouring in hopes of finding that intoxicating, climactic frenzy. I lust and long for this endless amount of pleasure.

However, I feel defeated, deflated, disappointment as if it’s my fault. Maybe I am not working hard enough, probing long enough or submitting myself to new approaches? I keep powering through, moving positions, asking for directions, telling others my preferences.

If only the spot could be pinpointed on a map, easily found, then my struggles would be over. Who can release me from this delicious torment?

As luck would have it, I found the coordinates.

The perfect day was had.

Endless nights of frustration are now a thing of the past. Discovering the spot has released all my built-up tension.

Where is this mind-blowing spot that has stupefied? How deep does one need to explore in order to find true bliss? For some, it may only be a quick journey in the right direction, for others, like me, I tirelessly roamed, navigating obstacles in order to consummate my quest. 

On an early Thursday morning, the sun barely peeking over the horizon, a bright-eyed enthusiastic young man brushed me gently. I woke in a delirious daze. The explosive reveal happened. A smile spread across my face. 

I arrived.

Vilnius is where I discovered the spot

The Go Vilnius Tourism agency has coined Vilnius the G-Spot of Europe – “Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it – it’s amazing.” Two Lithuanian advertising students created this provocative tourism campaign to lure millennials away from the hotspots of Italy, France, and Spain. As the campaign is suggestive, a few may see it as sexist, not appropriate for modern-day campaigns. Some politicians, Catholics, and residents are disappointed with its timing as it comes a mere month before the arrival of Pope Francis.

However, sex sells. Innuendos sell. Watch their Youtube videos showing millennials gawking in suggestive ways at Vilnius monuments then head to their website which allows you to create your own Vilnius pleasure map. Uncover and discover all of Vilnius’s incredible sights.

I arrived the day the campaign officially launched and immediately fell in love with Vilnius. Coining Vilnius the G-spot of Europe is gutsy, but it is true. I extended my stay to nine nights as Vilnius provided a constant amount of pleasure. Lithuania’s capital is inundated with baroque architecture, alluring public gardens, energetic cafes and bars, recognizable graffiti, an abundance of churches, all of which are dotted along cobblestone streets. Although this seems no different than most European cities, Vilnius’ charm, warmth, and coziness created an inviting atmosphere, something I was not expecting. 

Initially, I was drawn to its beauty, but over the week, I delved more into its past. The 13th century saw a flourishing nation, but many wars, plagues, and fires caused setbacks. Twentieth-century Vilnius saw the mass extermination of over 40,000 Jewish people down to almost zero. This year marks Lithuania’s 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence (for a brief period it was reoccupied by The Soviet Union) and to be here during its centennial year connected me even more to its cultural heritage and achievements.

Vilnius was impossible to leave. I remain in its embrace. I happily reminisce the curves and folds of its streets, markets, and cafes. Its tastes, smells and sounds intoxicate my mind and senses even now. I may not remain faithful as I am tempted of unexplored lands, but I will return. I will lie awake, remember, and long to return to the spot.


*No more innuendos, I promise!  Any questions or thoughts. Please comment below.*