Ithaca Is One Of  The Best Greek Islands

Ithaca, A Quieter Greek Island With Lot’s Of Charm And Delicious Food.



Ithaca is an unspoiled Ionian island to the west of mainland Greece. You might recognize the name as the home of Odysseus in Homers Odyssey. My four-week Odyssey through Eastern Europe was go-go-go and being able to relax and unwind with family was heaven-sent. I was invited by my Aunts and Cousins for a week of pure indulgence.

I spent my week in Ithaca swimming in the crystal Mediterranean, lounging seaside reading Fifty Shades of Grey (my Cousin called it smut, for me it was a pleasureful indulgence), eating an abundance of Calamari and Moussaka and taking well deserved, afternoon naps. Ithaca is more of a quiet island without the bustle of tourists, so I never felt the need to do ‘touristy things.’ Spending time kayaking with my Aunts, feeding Daphne the Donkey, watching my Cousins water ski or having long dinners that kept us talking into the late evening was what made my holiday the most rewarding.

Although lazing about occupied most of my days, I did leave the ‘compound’ a few times. We went on sunset hikes, had dinner in the main town Vathy, and went on many boat rides to unspoiled beaches. What I loved about being on the boat was the freshly caught Sea Urchin and the fried Calamari. I wish I had a picture of the galley, but imagine frying mounds of Calamari in a nook no greater than an apartment sized fridge. I’d be splattering oil everywhere!

There are many Greek Islands to visit and after exploring the touristy ones, Naxos, Ios and Santorini I have to say that Ithaca is the most special. It has a quiet and unassuming heart and vibe that the other Islands could not match. If you want to be in the mix of Greek authenticity, then spend time in Ithaca. You will come away loving Greek people, Greek life and I like me you will start cooking Greek food.



  • What: Ithaca Greece
  • Where: One of the Ionian islands on the West side of Greece
  • Ferry/Plane: Fly into Kefalonia Island next door and take ferry. Or take ferry from Patras near Athens. Make sure to leave plenty of time from plane arrival/depature to board ferry. It is a 45 minutes taxi ride from airport to the ferry terminal.


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