The Top Things To Do In Arizona

A Guide To An Awesome Weekend In The Arizona Desert.

I tend to get a bit antsy if I haven’t been on a plane in a while. I love absorbing myself into new places and cultures and if I neglect my passion for too long ( a few months – eek) watch out, I am not a pretty sight. I turn into someone who hasn’t had their caffeine fix. I become lethargic, confused and my productivity diminishes. I have an expensive habit!

All joking aside, I was in need of a weekend away and my friend Apples (real name James) decided to join me on an adventure to Arizona. As I live in Vancouver and he in Alberta it was the perfect place for us to get away from the Fall chill. We were gone for four nights but packed a lot in. We chowed down on delicious food in Phoenix, had an ATV adventure in the Bradshaw Mountains, explored Red Rock Country in Sedona, hopped over to Frank Lloyd Wright’s House in Scottsdale and got a bit of exercise hiking Camelback Mountain.  Woah!




We spent 3 hours ATVing under the blistering desert sun in the Bradshaw Mountains. We saw ancient Native American ruins, turquoise mines and got our hearts pumping going full speed on the open trails. I would recommend doing the tour at sunset as my translucent arms were not pleased with the amount of sun they were receiving.


The first thing I researched when I booked this trip to Arizona was where to eat fried chicken and traditional BBQ. We don’t get this kind of food in Vancouver and I had a major hankering for it. We settled on Lo-Lo’s Fried Chicken and Waffles and Bobby Q’s in Phoenix. Crunchy, juicy chicken with fluffy and soft waffles, topped with maple syrup and butter…….just typing this is making me crazy. Then for dinner, I tore apart pork ribs, licked the sticky bbq sauce off my fingers, then devoured the mac and cheese…again…I just can’t take it.


When we first came upon the Red Rocks on our drive up from Phoenix, the sun’s rays were creating illuminating hues. If the sun shone directly onto the rocks they appeared a burnt orange; if the mountains were in a shadow they became a muted brown. And sometimes the differing colors seemed to melt into one another.

When we went on our afternoon hike, at one point the clouds closed in and it began to sprinkle rain. With that, the Red Rocks changed from a matte tone to a glistening glow. In the evening as we watched the sunset at our hotel, it was like being at a drive-in movie. The mountains and sun being the show.


Apple loves architecture and was keen on visiting Taliesin West, which was once FLWs winter home and is now a museum and architectural school. It felt like stepping back in time, I just needed a pair of bell bottoms or a smoking jacket and cigar. With the amazing views of Scottsdale, it would have been an incredible place to live. Maybe I’ll take up architecture so I can spend every day here.


Scottsdale is the Palm Springs of Arizona – a great place to golf, spend your winters, enjoy the early bird specials and hang by the pool. Although we enjoyed relaxing poolside, we decided to spend our last afternoon hiking Camelback Mountain. The dirt trail guided us along as we made our ascent. I don’t have the best knees, so we didn’t trek to the very top. I always use this excuse when I get too tired of hiking. Don’t tell anyone.


The Kimpton Hotel in Downtown Phoenix was the only hotel we booked before our arrival. We immensely enjoyed our stay that we booked their other hotels in Sedona and Scottsdale. They are modern but comfy, friendly, but not overbearing. At 5.00 pm they offer complimentary wine. Drink up! (The below photos are from our stay in Sedona)