Why I Named My Travel Blog ‘Bathe Me In Butter’.

I am often asked why I have named my travel blog Bathe Me In Butter.

No, it is not my porn name. However for those interested, it is Tisza Yew (my first dog and the first street I lived on).

No, I have never bathed myself in butter, although the thought of it sounds quite creamy and delicious! For a substantial amount, I would consider slathering it on.

All jokes aside, the simple reason is that I am wholeheartedly in love with butter. Like cheese, butter makes everything taste better – drizzled over popcorn, smeared on pancakes and baked with escargots. Just thinking of butter makes me crazy! Especially French Butter – the butterfat and tanginess spiked with salt are heaven.

So if anyone is looking for the perfect gift for me, butter should be number one on your list. If it happens to be laced with black truffles and accompanied by a warm, chewy baguette. I won’t be rude, I’ll happily accept. No gift wrapping required!

*Who wants to accompany me to this butter factory in France? I guarantee we will gain 5 pounds. Worth it!*