Arles, France

The Top Thing To Do In Arles. Hang With Vincent Van Gogh at the Langlois Bridge.


Vincent Van Gogh’s time in the south of France produced some of his most recognized drawings – his acclaimed sunflowers in a vase for example. But it was his four artworks of the Langlois Bridge in Arles that appealed to my artistic senses. I prefer realism and to see how Van Gogh captured life in the 1800s drew me in – horse-drawn carriages, women in full-length dresses doing their washing and a lady in a long black gown with a parasol crossing the bridge perfectly set the scene for life in 19th century Arles. As Arles was on our Southern France route, my boyfriend and I decided to search for this famous bridge.


In the outskirts of Arles, in a more industrial area, have your eyes open and your GPS on as you search for the Langlois Bridge. As it’s in a more industrial area, it will seem as if you are a lost, you aren’t. Remain positive and look for a few cars or photographers on the side of the road clicking away at a rundown drawbridge. Word of warning – make sure to drive (you will hate yourself if you attempt the 3km, uninteresting walk).

Whether or not you are an art lover I am sure you will have the same thrill I did when I stood in relatively the same area that inspired Van Gogh. Although the bridge today is not the same one that drew inspiration for Van Gogh (the Germans blew it up in WWII), to be in the same area and look at a similar bridge that inspired these marvelous artworks is still an awesome experience. Only if we still had horse-drawn carriages to up the romance of it all!


  • What: Langlois Bridge at Arles
  • Where: 3km south of Arles