Ubud, Bali

Gain Serenity At Radiantly Alive Yoga In Ubud. 

Yoga and Bali go hand in hand or asana and asana. There is no shortage of yoga studios which makes it the perfect place to further your yoga practice or begin a new journey. As I have inconsistently practiced yoga the last 15 years, I was excited to spend my month in Bali delving into a yoga routine. I spent my first two weeks in Ubud, a yogi health-centric town in Bali and chose Radiantly Alive Yoga as the perfect studio to recharge my yoga practice. There are a handful of yoga studios in Ubud which are conveniently scattered throughout town. I chose Radiantly Alive as it was closest to my hostel – simple as that.




Radiantly Alive offers a range of classes from Hatha and Ashtanga to Vinyasa and Yin. Whether you want to practice first thing in the morning, before lunch or end your day with a yoga practice their schedule will suit your needs. I love their yoga rooms which overlook lush gardens. When the accordion doors open, the practice feels more in tune with nature which makes for a healing practice.

The teachers at Radiantly Alive are encouraging and helpful and each offers a different outlook on yoga and meditation practices. They provide guidance, adjustments and soothing ease to get you through the 1.5-hour class. They never skimp on savasana (corpse pose) at the end of practice, a much-needed rest to renew energy and absorb yoga’s benefits. After class relax on the couches and enjoy the platter of papaya provided, nourishment for a job well done!


  • What: Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio
  • Where: Ubud, Bali
  • Classes: 6-9 per day from 7.30am – 7.30pm. 1.5 hrs in length
  • Price: $10 per class, $25 for 3 classes, $40 for 5 Classes etc. $60 Unlimited Weekly, $175 Unlimited monthly etc.
  • Included: Mat, Water, Small Towel, All Props, Showers