The Ancient City Of Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus Ruins Are The Most Impressive Ruins In Turkey.

I frequently refer to my diaries when writing these travel stories. Often when I read them I can’t believe I forgot that funny moment or that wacky tour guide. Sometimes it might be the simplest, minute detail that becomes the most valuable. The first line of my Ephesus entry was, ‘These were the ruins of all ruins!’ Once I read that, the memories came flooding back.



Kathleen, my Australian friend, and I went in the late afternoon when the temperature dropped to 30°C, a more pleasant heat to explore in – haha. I became one of the many cats and took refuge in any shadow I came across. It was blistering! Since Ephesus is one of the most revered ancient Greek Cities for trade, was the religious center of early Christianity and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World it has become one of the most viewed ruins in the world – there were hoards of tourists. However, the ruins are vast and there is an endless amount to see, so I never felt like I got in anyone’s way or vice versa. Having people around gave it a more realistic vibe of what it would have been like 2000 years ago, especially walking down Curetes Way. But without the cameras, selfie sticks, phones, sunglasses, water bottles………

The 3 hours were utterly impressive that it made the ruins of Rome and Pompeii feel ever so slightly less stellar, and only 15% of the ruins have been excavated! It’s best to have a look at my photos for a better understanding of what I saw. However, they don’t do the area justice. Ephesus is the type of place where you need to stand and take it all in, or like me lay down in a sarcophagus.

*The town of Selçuk, which is close by, has a rich history and a lovely Turkish Bath. A gentleman scrubbed me so hard  I think he removed 10 years of dead skin off of me. Best $10 I ever spent.*


  • What: The Ancient City Of Ephesus
  • Where: Selçuk
  • Hours: Mid-March to late October 8:00-19:30 pm.  Off-season 8:00 – 17:30 pm
  • Prices: TRY40 ($14) for general site entry, plus another TRY20 ($7) for the Terrace Houses