Tirta Empul Temple, Ubud, Bali

 The Holy Spring Water Temple. Pray and Purify At This Holy Hindu Site.

My interest in Eastern religion and philosophies peaked after I had the pleasure of listening to the Dalai Lama speak in Melbourne. His talk on compassion really resonated with me at a time when I was trying to find my place in the world. Tirta Empul impacted me in the same way. The cultural and spiritual ritual provided an inner peace and confidence that still impacts me today.

Tirta Empul, the Holy Spring Water Temple outside of Ubud is a Hindu Holy site where Balinese locals and tourists come to cleanse and purify their souls. Although Tirta Empul is a huge tourist destination, Balinese frequent the pools for purification. The holy water comes from the Sungai Pakerisan River and fills the three pools through the small spouts of water. The purification process is to provide good health, healing properties and prosperity.


(Confirm the process with your guide)


After entering Tirta Empul an older gentleman will lend you (donation encouraged) a colorful sarong to wear around your waist while wandering the temple property. When you are ready to partake in the cleansing ritual, head to the small table near the purification pools, pay the small fee, and change into the larger green sarong provided. They have secured lockers to store your belongings. (If you do not want to partake in the process, simply wear the colorful sarong and watch from dry land) (Menstruating women are not to enter the waters to cleanse).

STEP 2  

Make your way inside the grounds of the Holy Spring Water Temple. There are two large pools and a small one between them. You begin the purification ceremony in the far left pool. After you immerse yourself in the cool Holy Spring Water, begin the ritual at the far left fountain. There may be a line, just peacefully wait your turn.The ritual is to begin from the far left then make your way to the far right, moving from spout to spout then pool to pool. At the first fountain slowly take 3 sips of the refreshing spring water, then splash the water 3 times to your face then end with dousing your hair under the spout 3 times. When finished, slowly move right to the next fountain and continue the sequence. Make sure to pass the 11th & 12th fountain as those are left for those who want to honor the recently deceased. 


When you finish the purification ritual (may take upwards of 30 minutes), I recommend you spend time in silence and calmness to take in the beautiful blessings you received. After, change back into your colorful sarong and enjoy the rest of Tirta Temple’s grounds.


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