Ilha do Mel, Brazil

Honey Island – A Sweet Sand Only Island. Come Here To Relax and Drink Beer!

My first stop on my solo, six-week South American backpacking expedition was to Ilha do Mel, known as Honey Island. This sweet, picturesque and isolated Island at the mouth of Baía de Paranaguá is an island like no other. Ilha do Mel is accessible by boat from Paranagua or Pontal do Sul and no cars are allowed on the island. How many places have we been to where no cars are in sight and no paved roads are seen? 

I stayed at the super chill Hostel Encantadas Ecologic on the south end of Ilha do Mel. With the abundance of hammocks to lay on in the morning sun, and the host who entertained us late into the evening it made for an enjoyable first few days in Brazil. I met a fun Spanish couple and a vivacious Brazilian girl and we explored the island. We observed fisherman selling their fresh catch at sunset, surfers attempting the waves on the East Side of the Island and us trying to navigate the rocky shores along the coastline.

We stopped for beers and fresh fish as we made our way to the Portuguese Fort (Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres) and enjoyed watching the many crabs as they danced along the shores, trying to avoid the waves. We spent another afternoon walking to the Conchas Lighthouse and suntanned on the beaches near The Grotto of the Charmed. Every day was a new adventure and discovery. We were always in search of the best beach bar to down Cerveza’s at. It was hot!

*The best part of meeting travelers is when you meet up again in a different country. The Spanish couple and I enjoyed a nice evening out in Buenos Aires. One day we will meet again in Spain. Sangria time.*

* My friend Dadi would like you to all know that he recommended Ilha do Mel to me. This is exactly what he texted me after reading the post: “I told you about the train ride from Curitiba to Ilha do Mel! I am the reason you put it on your itinerary. That’s why I was so stunned not to see my name in the post…haha” I should have given him all the credit, my bad. 🙂