The Ancient City Of Troy, Turkey

Sneak Into Troy With The Trojan Horse. 

I had no idea what to expect on my 12 day trip to Turkey. I didn’t do a lot of research and relied more on my friend Kathleen to lead the way. She had created an awesome itinerary which I happily followed. My only suggestion was that we had to see the Ancient City of Troy. I took a few Classic courses in University and wanted to see the area where Homer described the Trojan War in The Iliad. As we were heading down the west coast of Turkey anyway, we didn’t have to divert our trip.



Our tour guide, which we booked through The Crowded House Hostel in Gallipoli, was very informative and funny which made for an enjoyable three-hour tour of Troy. There was an abundance of knowledge to absorb and to be candid, I do not retain historical information well. Trying to describe for you the legend of the Trojan War, Homer’s Illiad and how it relates to this site is flooding back memories of when I had to write my Classic papers. It was brutal.

What I can tell you is that when you come and visit don’t expect to see a site with many intact ruins. I had to use my imagination from the stories our guide told to help evoke what the Ancient City of Troy would have looked like. You will notice cards that have numerical numbers written on them. These represent the nine major periods and are labeled I to IX, where the bottom is the oldest settlement (Troy I, 3000 BC). It is Troy VII that modern archaeologists believe Homeric Troy occurred (c. 1300–1190 BC).

Since my brain was inundated with so much information I made sure to have moments of fun. I stood like a statue atop a cylinder ruin, I danced upon a stage and I snuck inside the massive Trojan Horse.

  • What: Ancient City of Troy
  • Where: NW tip of Turkey. 5hr drive from Istanbul
  • Hours/Price: See website


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