Zorbing In Rotorua, New Zealand

You Must Go Zorbing – Become A Hamster for 45 Seconds Of Sheer Awesomeness!


After living in Wellington for 6 months in 2005, my boyfriend and I were to visit his family for the Christmas holidays and the route would take us through Rotorua – the birthplace of Zorbing. I asked Sean if we could make a pit stop so I could live out my dream of becoming a hamster. He happily obliged and it was on our way back home that I got the opportunity to Zo

We pulled into the parking lot, I handed Sean my camera, paid the fee and stood at the base of the hill in my yellow board shorts and white tank top wondering what had I gotten my self into. You see, I am severely claustrophobic – I freak out, scream and panic if I am in tight quarters or in pitch black rooms. So the idea of being crammed inside a ball then plummeted down a hill was terrifying. Why did I just figure this out? Kind of stupid of me, right? But I couldn’t back down. I made my way to the top of the hill and nervously waited for my turn to be pushed inside a wet Zorb and careened down a zig-zagging track.

When the massive plastic golf ball was rolled in front of me I assumed there would be a massive opening that I would casually slip through. Nope. If I recall, I had to squish my way through a narrow orange tube that jetted out from the Zorb. I don’t recall if they ‘close up’ the hole, (please clarify in the comments section below if they ‘lock’ you inside) but I remember being slightly freaked out knowing that I had no way of exiting this colossal sized ball on my own. Oh well, sometimes best to leave my fate in someone’s else hands. Yikes!

My hands and face were the first to dip into the small pool of water. When my whole body immersed, the warmth and wetness shockingly soothed me. I sat on my butt, my legs sprawled in front and gave the go-ahead to be hurled down the winding track. For about 45 seconds I sloshed back and forth like dirty clothes in a washing machine. I tried to stand so I could run like a hamster on its wheel, but I had no control. I happily let the force of the water and back and forth movement of the Zorb as it careened around the corners decide my movements.

As I came to the end of the ball version of slip and slide, I laid like a worn out hamster with a huge grin on my face. Before realizing I was ‘locked’ in I was pulled out, soaked through and my heart thumping. I was offered a second ride but didn’t want to taint the amazing moment. It was a great activity to start the new year, all aglow!

If you are seeking a cheaper, funkier but exhilarating experience in New Zealand I recommend Zorbing. You can partner up or each have your own Zorb and race each other down the steep hill. Whether you are 6 or 60 or claustrophobic like me, don’t worry, the 45 seconds of intense swooshing takes your mind off the fact that you are trapped inside a mammoth ball, being plunked down a steep hill.

Have fun!


  • What: ZORB New Zealand   
  • Where: Rotorua, North Island
  • Price: $26-39NZ
  • Hours: 9-5pm, 364 days a year, rain or shine
  • Included: Wifi, Towel, Free pickup within Rotorua CBD


*These photos were taken before the advent of digital cameras, social media, and selfies. Enjoy the ‘old-school’ authentic look.*

*What was the best part of your Zorbing experience?*