Free Walking Tour Valparaíso, Chile

Join A Free Walking Tour Of Valparaíso, A Colorful City On The Chilean Coast.

After spending a few days in the bustle of Santiago, it was refreshing to head to the coast of Chile. I had no clue what to expect in Valparaíso, but when I arrived I knew I was going to have a wicked time. Valparaíso is built on steep hillsides where funicular lifts and windy roads take you to colorfully painted homes, graffiti-lined cobblestone alleys and stairs adorned with words.



Valparaíso reminded me of Tangier in Morocco. Both are port towns, both have meandering roads and alleys lined with cafes and stores and both are somewhat unsafe for tourists (my friends and I were chased out of Tangier with men telling us they were going to kill us). To better orient myself in this maze of a town, I decided to take a free walking tour of ValparaísoWe saw cemeteries, churches, rode a 100-year-old funicular, had an Alfajor (a biscuit with a dulce de leche filling) from an older gentleman who sold them from his home, listened to Chilean guitar music while taking in the views and took many photos of murals and graffiti. The Valparaíso free walking tour gave me a better sense of the town which I explored the next day with an English couple I met at Planeta Lindo Hostel



The best part of exploring Valparaíso was the many century-old funiculars that we took to get up the steep hills. Some were only a twenty-five-second ride up a twenty-meter path, but this would save us fifteen minutes up a steep, winding, agonizing hill. If you see a funicular, take it. You will thank me later! We went to the Fine Arts Museum (Palacio Baburizza), had a relaxing lunch in a quaint garden at the back of a cafe and went back for more of those Alfajores. The best part of the day was taking the funicular Ascension Artillera to the Museo Maritime Nacional. This museum houses all the historical Navy artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. The highlight of this museum was standing inside the Fenix capsule. This capsule rescued the 33 Chilean Miners who were trapped underground for sixty-nine days in 2010. I am highly claustrophobic and standing inside of it for a short period without the door closed was intense.

I was sad to leave Valparaíso as I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the nightlife. I spent so much time exploring during the day that I was too knackered at night to get some party time in. Just another excuse to head back to Chile!

*Make sure to walk with others at night.  Walking alone during the day is fine, just be more mindful. Have Fun!*