Wrocław, Poland

Forget The Busy Tourist Cities of Poland, Come To Wrocław. Mind The Gnomes!

In the last few years, Wroclaw in western Poland has rapidly hit the radar of travelers. Its vibrant markets, unique museums, charming streets and scrumptious food have drawn tourists away from the usual mainstays of Warsaw and Kraków. When I arrived in June of 2012 to watch Greece play the Czech Republic in the Euro Cup Football Championship, I was immediately drawn to this colorful culture and atmosphere. Even if I wasn’t in the throngs of this massive sporting event, the soul of the city would have still inspired. From museums to funky bridges, water shows to kayaking there are plenty of activities and sights to keep you happily occupied for days.




Panorama Of The Battle Of Racławice

What an artistic masterpiece! Standing in front of this 19th-century painting which is 15 meters in height and 114 meters in length was incredible. Even cooler is the round room built solely to house it. When you stand in the rooms epicenter you can turn 360 degrees which makes you feel like you are in the battle yourself.

Wroclaw Dwarves

Don’t trip! Look out for these little statues scattered around the city. I saw one reading his book and another riding a motorbike. There are over 300 so you will bound to step over one.

Wroclaw Medieval Market Square

These brightly candy-colored buildings that are squished next to each other like toy soldiers felt unique and fresh compared to other squares of Europe. It was always a pleasure to watch life move through this vibrant area while I ate traditional Polish meals and drank pints of beers on the patios.

Stroll Through Ostrów Tumski

Cathedral Island as it’s known is the oldest part of Wroclaw and dates back to the 10th century. Its laid-back vibe and quiet streets make it an easy and enjoyable stroll. Walk over Tumski Bridge and add a love lock, or ride an elevator to the top of the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist to admire the views. Make sure to relax with a cocktail at one of the restaurants that surround the Oder River.

View A Wroclaw Water Show

Wander through Szczytnicki Park and take in the Wrocławska Fontanna Multimedialna water, music and light show. Hourly, these beautifully choreographed installations will memorize. If you are lucky to be there during special night shows they also project photos and films on the water.

Eat Traditional Polish Food

Some of the best Eastern European food I have eaten! My favorites were the kiełbasa, stewed beef with dumplings and of course the filling perogies. Every restaurant in Wroclaw has their own variations, so make sure to try the same meals more than twice!

Rent A Kayak

Go for a romantic paddle down the many Wroclaw rivers, duck your head as you pass under one of the hundreds of bridges or hop off onto an island and have a picnic. It’s a great activity to burn off those sausages and to see the Wroclaw from a different perspective.

Wroclaw University Museum And The Mathematics Tower

Wroclaw University museum is dedicated to the history of the University. Founded in 1702, the exhibits showcase the scientific works and achievements of its past professors and Nobel Laureates. One of the main draws is The Aula Leopoldina Baroque ceremonial hall with walls completely adorned with paintings and ornamentation. Take a walk up The Mathematics Tower for stunning aerial views of Wroclaw.

Euro Cup 2012

I just want to make some people jealous that I went to a Euro Cup match. All the way from Vancouver!

*Have you been to Wrocław? Thinking of going? Share your favorite moments or ones that will inspire others.*


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